All paths lead to Cyberinfrastructure



Thank you to all the organizers, presenters, sponsors and attedees of Summit 09 -- you all helped make this event a success and it was a pleasure to host you in Banff! Summit 09 hosted nearly 460 international delegates for its week-long program of workshops, panel discussions, paper talks, keynote presentations and project demonstrations. To view the archived presentations from Summit 09, please follow the links below:









Innovation starts here...

Leading experts, visionaries and pioneers in advanced computing, research and development, and emergent cyberinfrastructure gathered in Banff from October 12 to 16 to explore ideas and innovations in the realms of:

  • Cloud computing
  • Service-oriented networks
  • Network-enabled platforms and virtual organizations
  • Social networking and Web 2.0
  • Green IT
  • International HPC/grid resource providers
  • Other emerging cyberinfrastructure

Three events in one...
Summit 09: Partnerships in CI Development was a culmination of three events that explored the areas of cloud computing, high performance computing, grid, Web 2.0, business development, computational research, advanced networks, and other emerging cyberinfrastructures.

The three events were:

The week-long summit brought together nearly 460 international developers, suppliers, users and others who push the capabilities of the latest cloud, grid and advanced computing technologies. Presented as three conferences in one, this event was one of the largest in North America to explore the tools that are changing the ways we integrate and innovate our business and research practices.